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There can be no doubt that America is today the greatest nation. The discussions I have lately been witness to on social media evince a disturbing ignorance of the true cause of America's greatness. Greatness has a cause.

One of the greatest gifts that God gave man in Eden was FREEDOM. God did not dictate to man, what MAN MUST DO. God commanded Man. Howsoever, man was still FREE to OBEY or DISOBEY. God gave man FREEDOM, as a GIFT.

Yet, throughout history, many Kingdoms, Republics, Religious Organizations, and Leaders contrived to ROB MAN of the GIFT OF FREEDOM. That which God gave man 'freely' was autocratically and forcefully taken away. It was stolen!

The French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau therefore observed that, 'Man is born FREE but everywhere he WALKS IN CHAINS.' If I might borrow Rousseau's metaphor, AMERICA UNCHAINED CHAINED MEN and WOMEN. America!

The founders of the United STATES of America were running away from Political and Religious persecution in Europe. Conscious of the deleterious effects of the lack of FREEDOM, they founded a state which made MAN FREE, AGAIN!

In essence, the founders of the United STATES OF AMERICA, re-introduced FREEDOM in STATECRAFT. I say RE-INTRODUCED because many governments past had, as earlier stated, had contrived to, and robbed man of FREEDOM.

Religious and Civil Liberty are the two primal pedestals on which the United States Of America is founded. Many countries, Kenya inclusive, have borrowed the American model, blindly, without appreciating the logic behind it.

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