When to Wear Jeans with Heels

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There are a wide variety of occasions for wearing jeans with heels. They can be worn daily, while running errands, while out with friends or out on a date. When dark washed jeans are paired with fancy heels, they can be worn for evening get-together or for dressier evening occasions. When worn properly, they are a suitable option for a semi-casual work environment. When worn confidently, there are few occasions where they cannot be worn.


This should give you something to look forward to for the weekend. This is the perfect outfit to wear to a romantic picnic in a park with your better half. It is both casual and elegant.  Skinny jeans and bright white top vest and a black sweater give you a great fashionable look that you can never go wrong with on a cool day.

The good thing about a bright vest is that you can never go wrong with it. Skinny jeans go well with anything and they can be worn to any place; well not so much for the office. But for a picnic, these outfit will do you justice. Skinny jeans hug the legs and work really well with most types of heels, especially slimmer, less bulky heels. A heel with skinny jeans is effective in dressing up an outfit and adding height as it draws the eye from the foot up to the head.

With that said and done and with you looking fabulous, it’s time to have a fun weekend!!!

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