Why President Obama Should Avoid Dp William Ruto like a Plague During His Visit to Kenya

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It is now obvious that because of the little matter at the International Criminal Court (ICC) deputy president William Ruto was not allowed to come near US secretary of state John Kerry- to say the least this was a big embarrassment.

Ruto is right to be paranoid. US Secretary of State John Kerry gave him the slip when he was in Kenya in May, and Obama is more than likely to do the same. But Ruto’s gambit to explain-away not meeting Obama isn’t doing his international image any favors since foreign coverage of his views on homosexuality has included heavy mention of his ICC troubles.

Kerry met Odinga, Kalonzo, Wetangula and even activist Boniface Mwangi but was on strict orders not meet or even come close to William Ruto. Humiliated and feeling betrayed, kenyans on twitter  floated ideas on best possible destinations for DP to visit (technically hide) while Obama will be in town come July;

Everyone remembers the DP William Ruto remarks “Let us not be vague, Let us go to Hague…!” He was so clever to be used to rubber stamp a stolen election……

Before Obama’s plane touches down, Ruto has set out a house rule for “the leader of the free world” to stick to. Ruto, according to the Daily Nation, wants Obama to avoid any mention of gay rights because “We believe in God, this is a God-fearing nation and will continue to be so.” Some Kenyans though think Ruto’s sudden wish to gag Obama is rooted less in spiritual considerations and more in his need to save face because he likely won’t get a chance to be in the same room as Kenya’s most famous son when he’s in the country.

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