Perfect Casual Wear Outfit.

On this day, I was looking for comfort, class, elegance and some playful vibe. Hence my choice of outfit. I wanted to be comfortable since I would be running around all day. I wanted to be classy and elegant- That’s what all we fashionist as are looking for right? And I wanted a playful vibe because that’s what it was all about. Fun and play.

This outfit can work for a number of occasions. It will work for a weekend out with friends, an outdoor afternoon concert, a weekend lunch date and even when running errands that need you to walk a bit. I have to say, I was comfortable, had fun and enjoyed myself to the fullest.


Just a few tip on getting the perfect casual wear outfit.
  • keep simple
  • Make sure it's comfortable
  • Use the simple pieces to put together a look that defines your day or personality (to avoid looking like you tried too much) 
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