What to Wear - Men

Dress To Impress

Men do not think that it is important for them to be fashionable. They think that it is up to women to dress to impress. What most men do not know is that when their women dress elegantly in order to hang out with them, they also expect them to dress well. Women are turned on by a clean, elegant and well-dressed man. A lot of women want to have a man who is conscious about keeping himself clean and wearing nice clothes.
Here today am going to major myself on black suits or dark Grey that men need to keep in mind as they dress to go to work or wherever every day.

Swag is for teenagers.

If you are over the age of 20 and you still think that swag is cool, you are mistaken. This is something that completely puts off women unless they are 15. Swag does not look good on a man who wants to impress by dressing elegantly. This is something that men need to do away with if they want to impress.

Embrace color

Color is not only meant for women. Men can also try to be colorful by wearing colored shirts and even pants for those who are daring enough. Color attracts attention and when a man matches his colors well he is sure to attract a lot of attention to his dressing from the opposite gender.

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