Working From home doesn't have to be boring

Wondering what to wear when working from home? Whether you should get dressed or not? To wear shoes or not? Scroll down to find answers to all of these questions and more. This post is all about working from home outfits.

Firstly, let’s take a moment to appreciate and admire all the fashion editors and fashionistas who get up and give their outfits 100% just as they would if they were going to the office. It takes quite a high level of commitment to be like them, but I’m not sure I’m one of them. Despite having worked from home as a fashion influencer for the three years and my love for outfit styling, the most important thing to me is COMFORT. Especially when it comes to working from home outfits.

As well as comfort, I love aesthetically pleasing ensembles and convenience when it comes to styling. So it will come as no surprise that my WFH wardrobe consists mainly of basics and neutrals. I love everyday outfits that can be thrown on and styled in no more than 5 minutes. This applies to my home office uniform too.

How do you dress when working from home?

Overall, loose-fitting garments in soft fabrics are the way to go. You want to be comfortable, but you also want to present professionally.

Here are some tips on what to wear when working from home:

Work-from-home attire: Make it fun but stylish

The key to a good work-from-home wardrobe is wearing something that makes you feel equal parts comfortable, productive and good about yourself.

In warmer weather, my go-to numbers are typically cotton pieces that are fun but stylish which can be mixed and matched, like a jump suit over a tube top or t-shirt (choose a design that won’t make you hate visiting the bathroom), or wide-leg stripe pants that can be paired with a singlet or a smart top for important video calls.

Winter is jeans and an oversized but flattering cardigan, ideally with a long-sleeve top or high neck. If you really want to get in the work zone, reach for a soft and comfortable blazer or a long, sleeveless vest.

Choose clothing you’d actually leave the house in

When it comes to working-from-home wear I recommend choosing clothing that you would actually leave the house in.

You still want that element of comfort and practicality, but ask yourself: would I go to the local shops dressed in this?

Jogger pants, a cashmere sweater, and tops in soft and stretchy fabrics are good go-to garments when working from home.

I recommend Australian fashion label Bassike, which offers luxurious and wearable everyday pieces, as well as Jac + Jack, Country Road, and Sussan for relaxed yet stylish clothing.

Another tip for working from home: wear a proper pair of shoes, other than Ugg boots or slippers, as it will help you to feel in work mode.

A pair of slip-on loafers, soft flats, or a pair of casual sneakers are ideal when working from home.

Work-from-home attire: Soft, loose-fitting garments

When working from home, I recommend choosing soft, loose-fitting garments like tailored jogger pants, chinos, or a skirt with an elastic waist.

Your desk at home might not be perfectly ergonomically set up compared to your work office, so it’s important that you’re dressed comfortably. You want to be presentable, but you don’t want to look too dressed down.

A casual chambray shirt is good because they are quite soft. Some t-shirts that you may wear out on weekends could also work well, and a light knit is ideal for keeping warm yet comfortable.

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