Breaking-up is not an option

Love is something that all of us have experienced at one point or another.  It is something that has at times made us happy and at times made us sad. Everyone wants to love and be loved in return.

Why is it that people who love each other so much don’t end up together at times?Why does it hurt so much when you break up with someone even when it  is obvious that you’re better off without them?Why is there this great pain  in the chest when the person you love and who claims to love you back does something that you never thought they would do?Why do we sometimes let our  pride overcome our love and thus end up hurting someone that we love?
These are questions that I have always asked myself.

Love is complicated. It is the most amazing thing in the world and it is also the worst drug. I don’t think there is someone who hasn’t had a heartbreak at least once in their life. The heartbreaks, the making up, the fighting; these are all things you go through when in a relationship. Going  through all these ups and downs is sometimes worth it. Most times however, it isn’t.

An immature person may end a relationship just because the other individual  no longer meets his needs. But surely it is selfish to view a relationship only in terms of having one’s personal needs met. Such immature individual has failed to see that he too has a responsibility for certain aspects of the relationship.

Mature persons will face the inadequacies in a relationship and evaluate whether they can overcome the unfulfilled expectations or whether they should separate. Those who do not have high ethical standards can sever the relationship and never see one another again. But such an unfeeling,  uncaring way of ending a steady relationship will not do for those who cherish high ideals. Such individuals try to end a relationship without encouraging bitterness to develop between them.

It is possible to break up in a spirit of thankfulness for what the two of you have shared, for the pleasant memories of good times, and for the personal growth that resulted from your friendship.

Article by: Geoffrey O. Nevine

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