Does Religion Really Matter when in a Relationship?

If you hitched a donkey and a horse to pull a wagon, they would probably fight or be pulling in different directions—anything to get away from each other. Or since the horse’s legs are longer than the donkey’s legs, they might go around in circles. Whatever the outcome, one thing is certain: it makes poor team.

Similarly, dating someone who does not share your religious perspective poses problems. You resist for a while, but then the rationalizing processes of your mind win the battle and you begin spending a little time with this person. Then you wonder why it took you so long! It may be the greatest relationship you have enjoyed yet. And before you know it you deeply love each other.

Once you are in love, you have problems. You will find yourself being  pulled in opposite directions. Finally comes a time when you must make a choice. Either consciously or unconsciously you must choose between God and your friend. If you choose God, you will be hurt emotionally because you will lose the affection of someone you love dearly. But if you choose your friend over God, you will hurt be spiritually because you have put your relationship with your maker. You will try to convince yourself that you are happy in the choice you have made, but underneath you know that when you are not right spiritually, you can’t right in any other area of life.

Marriage must be a relationship based on emotional, physical, and spiritual oneness. Once you get married, all kinds of forces will work against you, and you’ll need all your resources to fight against them. Young people often reject this idea. One girl said, ‘If I loved a man, his faith wouldn’t matter. Religion doesn’t count—love does!’ Another young man said, ‘The marital relationship is between you and your partner, and the religious relationship is between you and your God. The two are different!’

If you wish to establish a home where you think you can rely on your own  strength during times of stress, you are free to try. If you want to see  God do great things through you, then you must be careful about dating those who do not share your own religious convictions.

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