Etiquette and manners matters a lot in any relationship.

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Etiquette and manners matters a lot in any relationship. This is true both when you are with your spouse and also whenever either of you is in contact with any other person. The following actions are the most common ways couples show disrespect to each other in public.

Ignoring each other: Ignoring your partner is a sin of omission and leaves them feeling not valued by you or your friends.

Putting down each other in public: Couples can tease each other from time to time, but when it progresses to hurtful comments, it can wound a relationship. Spouses know each other’s sore points all too well. By putting the down whether in public or private – the message conveyed is, “Don’t count on me to support you.

Interrupting each other: Interrupting your spouses is disrespectful, demeans them and makes them feel like their comment is not worth hearing. Most of the time this habit is apparent to everyone accept the person doing the interruption. Spouses need to practice letting each other finish their statements before making their own comments or observations.

Failing to introduce your spouse: Introductions matter – and not just at parties.

Be all-inclusive in public: Don’t let your couple-dom dominate other people. A floors show in which you entertain your fellow guests with anecdotes about your life together, your mishaps, your home and family is just another way to make everyone else excluded. Concentrate on looking outwards, not turning inwards. Don’t cling together in social situations. Hand-holding, touching, huddling together... this body language will send out the message that you’re an impregnable couple, with no interest in anyone else.

Fighting in Public: If tension are growing, read the signs and take it home. Nobody should be forced to witness the spectacle of fighting couple.
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