How to Make Your Couple ‘Right’


     Much has been said about finding Mr. and Miss Right. They really do not exist in our world. Not even in the outer space. Only in our feeble minds. The compatibility of human being is not the same as that of the cars. A partner who is 100 percent your match is only found in fairy tales. If you get one who is closer to your expectations try to fix the missing mannerism. However, you cannot tame a human being. Do not take a monster and try to make a saint out of him!     

     You can find a modest man driving a flashy car and enjoying heavy perks. Unfortunately, his cupboard of skeletons would be full of unspeakable things. A wise lady would take him to task to rectify his manners. If he fails to change, other alternatives are available. The perfection of your partner starts with you. You have to throw in some ideas on how to straighten his/her manners. No one was created and packed into one fine package! The buck stops with the ‘hunter’. If you are looking for a partner who is 100 percent compliant, then you will look all the way to the grave. 

     Neglecting this spiritual foundation can be problematic for finding Mr. and Miss Right and making future decision as a couple – decisions that require spouses to have an understanding of what’s important to each other. While finding the right, church is an opportunity to strengthen your marriage, keep in mind that your church involvement should be driven primarily by a desire to grow in your relationships with the Lord rather than just boosting your marital relationship. Church involvement will be a catalyst for growing as a couple, as believers and as individuals.

     I expect this to benefit your marriage because I truly believe that living out what God has put on your heart is essentially fully ‘being’ who you we meant to be. As you fully ‘be’ and ‘live’ as you have been created to by God, you will also get to see this happen in your partner.

Five things to help you make your couple ‘right’

  1. Look at a church’s statement of faith and identify any differences of opinion between you and your spouse regarding doctrines. 
  2. Talk to each other about what you personally look for in your spouse
  3. Check out what your spouse has to offer beyond normal romance and conjugal rights services as far as intimacy is concerned. – Examine what you are passionate about individually and as a couple when it comes to intimacy. 
  4. Make sure you’re not depending solely on your spouse to make you an emotionally healthy individual. – Being in a relationship does not replace the need for individual to take the necessary steps to find help and wholeness for their individual and personal emotional and mental traumas and problems, “Emotionally unhealthy individual cannot create a healthy marriage. 
  5. Exercise humility and have an open mind if you're struggling to decide with partner to go home with. - Try to compromise in a way that both of you can live with.
Although sharing a common faith does not guarantee a successful marriage or relationship, it does not help establish a spiritual foundation. Expect that if you're both seeking what God wants, have a spirit of unselfishness, and genuinely wish to serve the need of your spouse rather than your own needs first, God will lead you to a good solution.
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