How to survive during a break-up

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I know of no gentle way to break up. Whenever two people who have cared for each other part, they will suffer. But you can do something to soften the blow and prevent more serious problems during this difficult time.

After the love of your life breaks up with you, you rearrange your furniture and hole yourself up in your room. You trim your hair and colour it an interesting shade of green. You hog down a million extra calories. You also contemplate dating the loser next door. Your incessant texts and calls to your ex go unanswered and when he occasionally picks up the phone, his voice is brutally cold. So, how do you get over him and get on with your life?

Let the tears flow. Releasing your grief and pain will result in an emotional healthier you as your heart mends. Get emotional support from trusted friends or professional counsellor. Reach out to others who have survived a break up. Don't spend too much time alone.

Refrain from further interactions with your ex. Continuing to communicate with him or her will only slow the healing process. He is your ex, not your buddy. If it's over, it's OVER.

Rather than mopping around feeling sorry for yourself all day, get busy. Do something you enjoy. Don't neglect daily chores and personal grooming.  These self-care rituals are therapeutic.

Avoid making major life decisions at this time of emotional upheaval. Major  changes may be a source of regret later on when your heart is mended. Don't try to mask the pain by immediately hooking up with the next guy or lady who smiles at you. Let your emotions heal a little before trying to see the  other person again.

A rebound relationship may make you feel better, in the short term but  backfire on you later on. Remind yourself that if he doesn't want to be in  your life, its best to let him/her go. You will find love again.

You are still awesome: your ex didn't go away with your awesomeness.

Article by: Geoffrey O. Nevine

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