How to Talk With the Opposite Sex

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If you want to survive in the world of dating, you must learn how to talk to members of the opposite sex. Your attitude towards the opposite sex is actually more important than tips on what to say, because your attitude  will determine your behavior. If a fellow is concerned about a girl’s feelings, he won't talk or joke with her in a coarse manner. He will ask questions designed to find out what she is like and what her interests are. A man who rambles on about the medals he has won in track and field and how much money he made in a recent deal hardly appears interested in his date. No one would consider him a good conversationalist. Likewise a young woman who is preoccupied with her hair, dress, confiding in a girlfriend, or making catty remarks about other girls would make her date feel  ill-at-ease. She, too, must put away some of her own interests and desires in order to sound him out.

When initiating a conversation, ask open-ended questions. Newspaper reporters have developed skill in asking such questions. That’s how they obtain interesting information for their audiences. You can learn these skills too!

It will take actual concentration and focused attention to show interest in the activities of the other person. But if you concentrate on the other individual, you will eliminate your feelings of self-consciousness because you can’t be thinking of yourself right then. The less self-conscious you are, the less likely you are to make social blunders. Self-consciousness  contributes to talking too much, talking too loudly and only about one’s self.

If you are one of those individuals who gets painfully nervous when talking with the opposite sex, try to forget yourself and think about the other person. This one hint can make an amazing difference as you relate to and are accepted by others.

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