Learn to Accept Yourself!

Learn to Accept Yourself!We all have a mental picture of ourselves. It reflects our concept of the sort of person we think we are. If you have a healthy “self-like,” it simply means that you have accepted yourself. It does not mean that you are puffed up with self-importance. You make no false claim. Rather, you accept yourself with your faults as well as your strengths, and you feel you  deserve the respect of others. You realize that you goof from time to time, but you feel secure in what you can do. You have learned to build on your strengths and to compensate for your weaknesses. What you have been unable to change, you have learned to live with. You are sincere and open. You accept yourself as a worthwhile individual.

Such a healthy type of self-respect frees you to turn your attention to others. You can then be as tolerant of other people’s weakness as you are of your own. You can appreciate the differentness of others instead of resenting or fearing it. You realize that this differentness makes each human being unique. Such an attribute also frees you spiritually, for you  can more fully appreciate God’s acceptance of you as you are and potential for good within you. If God accepts you as you are, why should you reject yourself?
Article by: Geoffrey O. Nevine
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