Learn To Understand Your Child

Mum playing with son
From the time the little one is able to love, he is able to hate. If  he obeys because he loves, he is choosing to obey. If he obeys because he  fears, he is being forced against his will. You must never let your baby become angry, nor must you let him be afraid of you. It is the love in his heart for you that will give him the urge to follow the right path. Sometimes the way he thinks of feels in his heart is more important than how he acts outwardly.

How can we help our children to choose the right path? There is just one way. Fill the child's mind with thoughts of love, kindness, and justice.  Quietly explain that God wants him to obey father and mother. If you  lovingly reason with him when he feels obstinate, if you make his little  life full of happiness and joy, helping him to know how much you love him,  then his mind will become healthy and strong. He will learn to choose the right way. If you have to correct him occasionally by whippings, never do it when you are hungry.

We can easily know when our child has a sick stomach or a sick tooth, or a sick ear. When his fever is high we know he has a sick body. But we cannot always see when our children have sick minds. A mind that is rebellious is sick. When your child dislikes to do his work day after day, or when he feels sad or frightened inside, his mind has become sick. A child who is always fighting with his playmates, or is always cheating in school, or is often stealing, has such mind.

Every child will have moments of temper, or dislikes, of sadness, or of rebellion. But the child who is almost constantly in this state, who shows these traits to an extreme degree, is the one whose mind needs healing.

The one medicine more important than any other in helping to heal our children's minds, is the Christlike love we show them. Your child can love you; and if he loves you, he will choose to do what you wish him to do. He needs to feel happy. He needs to feel safe; he needs to feel that you love him dearly.

Sometimes, even though a child does not want to do a certain thing, he will choose to do it just because he loves his parents. If he start refusing to  obey, the love and patience that the parent shows in his face and in his mind so that he will choose to obey. This is the way Christ wins us! This is also the way we can win our children.
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