Marriage Facts among College Student

Marriage Facts among College Student
Many couples now in college are trying to decide whether to marry immediately or to postpone marriage until they complete their education. Here are facts regarding this;
A married woman who continues her college education while taking up home-making duties must know her goals and have strong desire to achieve them. Therefore she might excel over the single girl who doesn't know why she is in college or what she plans to do with her future. Married men, too, seem to have more clearly defined educational goals. Since they have  less time for outside social activities that require time and energy, they devote more time to their studies than they did when they were single.

All right, married student achieve more but are they happier? It is difficult to get accurate information to this question, since couples must  rate themselves and since they have not been married very long.
Marriage while in college has some advantages, one of the biggest being the emotional security that marriage provides. Married college men feel that  being married gave their lives stability, more purpose, and made it easier for them to settle down to work. Almost all husbands surveyed felt that their wives helped rather than hindered them. Only a few complained of their wives having too much company, interrupting their study, or wanting to go out evenings.

College marriages, however, have some disadvantages that are not necessarily present on other marriages. While dating during college years, young people may find someone they want to marry and yet not be ready to settle down to one partner even if they are in love. Single girls on campus often complain that married men "don't act like they are married." These men were not ready to give up their single ways for marriage. They probably  got swept along into marriage after a short engagement, without realizing what it would mean to be a married student.

The success of a college marriage depends to a great degree on how the  couple organize their time and divide their responsibilities. If both partners are in school and have children, they may need to be Superman and Wonder Woman in order to keep up with it all. To study, to participate in  some social activities, to maintain a home even if there is plenty of money and no babies, requires unselfish cooperation and sacrifice of personal preferences.

Young people will continue to marry while in college. Nevertheless, those  who are considering such a marriage need to take a long, hard look at the facts. Yes, they can make it if they choose not to wait until they have completed their education, but they will have to work harder at succeeding than other couples do. This often sounds easier before marriage than it does after marriage.
Article by: Geoffrey O. Nevine
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