Only God Can Clear the Darkness in Your Life

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Only God Can Clear the Darkness in Your Life
“This last week i wanted to kill myself” someone close to me said those words to me earlier on today and they have made me think a lot since the moment i heard them. This young guy that has amazing skills and potential, how could he get to such a low point of life?

How do you get to a point where you are so alone, so beaten that taking your own life becomes the easiest way out. That life simply cannot get worse, it becomes unbearable for you to continue living. When we walk alone then the challenges of life can easily push us beyond the limit. When there are bills to pay, relationships that are broken, tension points that just drain us of any energy we might have, we can easily get to that point.

It’s not like I haven't been at those points, I have had my low moments, moments of defeat and frustration. There was a time when the only thing I looked forward to, was going on a long journey, taking a walk to nowhere and never ever coming back. God seemed distant I almost doubted his existence, I thought He must have forgotten about me.

Yet in those moments of loneliness, I think it's when we need God more, when we have given up on our ways that’s when God steps in and takes over. He begins to take us through a process that reveals his love for us.

It’s easy for us to live as if the earth revolves around us and we are the most important objects of creation but when we step into relationship with God, we discover that He calls us to live a life that is different. A life that is centered on Him. We are invited to live a life where people matter and we are genuinely concerned about each other’s welfare and well-being.

There is a story about a lady that had planned to kill herself, she felt she was of no use anymore and that day when she had chosen to take own life, someone stopped her and asked where the coffee machine was and in that moment she felt valued, that at least for once someone needed her, needed help from her.

As you journey through life, seek to be a source of hope and encouragement to others. May God use you to uplift, encourage and bring healing to others. May you find meaning and purpose in your life as you spread light into the darkness that threatens the souls of those around you.

God bless you!!!

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