A prominent marriage counselor once said, "The only sound motive for a  happy marriage is being overwhelmingly in love on a frankly sexual basis,  centering about physical desire." Now, if he had stopped there, many of you  could build a case for whatever you might want to condone. But he went on to add that, fundamental through sex is, "there is much more to a good marriage."

Sex by itself would be little more than animal appetite. Genuine love combines sexual desire with all the other components that build the highest kind of relationship between husband and wife. Love is friendship, tenderness, self-control, selflessness, kindness, and loyalty blended with sexual desire.

The sexual urge separated from the other aspects of a relationship,  selfishly desires to dominate, conquer, force, or surrender. By itself it is animal. Genuine love idealizes, controls, and conforms sexual desires to social living. Love is other person-centered. Sex without love is centered, a craving for physical satisfaction, physical release. Love, on the other hand, craves an intimate sharing with another person.

Most of us seem to think we can choose correctly at the very moment we must make the decision. But we don't really make the choice at that moment.  Instead, we choose according to the way we have chosen a hundred times  before. Our destiny is not that which we decide to do, but that which we have done. Our future actually lies behind us!

If you want to be a winner, you will have to give up some immediate pleasures for the sake of ultimate benefits. You will have to look away  from wickedness rather than accept it as normal. Just follow the law of chastity and purity, so you can find and live by a code of decency and morality in a world that places little or no value on these attributes.

Article by: Geoffrey O. Nevine

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