You are a luo, am a kikuyu. Uhuru is the president, Raila is opposition leader. You are poor, am poor.(by their standards). Both of them are wealthy and call one another brother and every time they meet, they hug. Me and you have one thing in common, poverty. The fact that i come from the president's home base does not make me any better than you. Neither does the fact that you come from the opposition leader's region make you worse than me. We both have to struggle to survive. The day we start thinking beyond our tribes, we shall make this country a better place and a place where there is no room for ''mtu wetu.'' It starts with you and me. Its time for you and me to start hugging. DO NOT WAIT FOR LEADERS, IT STARTS WITH YOU AND ME, PERSON TO PERSON.

Lets share for more people to recite it

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