The truth about an African woman

Africa woman

This is very apparent in all aspects of life in some countries in Africa. Every woman is under the care of her father, brother, or even son. Most of the women are not supposed to live alone, with the landlords being strict about this. It is the men's business to know what the women in their lives are up to at all times. Because of this, scandal and gossip is very common when they encounter a woman considered 'wayward'. Young women are closely monitored and chaperoned before marriage. They do not go out drinking and clubbing, and it is difficult for a man to escape if he impregnates a girl in Africa.

Men are considered protectors and it is a great insult for a woman to offer to pay for anything for a man. Men even offer to pay for fare for strange  women in public transport and also pay entire bills in restaurants, if they happen to simply know someone in your group. There is no such thing as going Dutch on dates. In fact, the man's job is to ensure that even the  hairstyle worn and transport for the date is paid for in advance. It is unheard of for a woman to pay rent or school fees as men cater for everything and even give their wives and girlfriends some pin money to buy personal necessities. Because of this type of care, the men are highly respected with most of the women being submissive.
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