The Truth About Masturbation

Is masturbation right or wrong?  

This is a frequently-asked question which attracts several responses.

Contemporary thought holds that there are no negative psychological or physiological consequences to the practice of masturbation. Sexologists  today state that there is no established medical evidence that masturbation regardless of frequency, leads to mental illness. It is true that many severely neurotic and acutely psychotic men and women masturbate frequently. However, if masturbation leads to insanity then we would expect that 90 per cent of men and 60 per cent of women should be insane. On the other hard it must be stated that masturbation can result in illness when the long-term emotional tensions of guilty and anxiety result in psychosomatic consequences.

Another school of thought maintains that masturbation is a characteristic of adolescent development and will continue between puberty and marriage.  Therefore young people should not be made to feel guilty about it but rather see it as a useful and pleasurable sexual outlet.Christian position – Even religious position can be counterproductive. Much of the prayer  about masturbation is negative, reaffirms the failure of the concentrated worry. Individuals who fight against masturbation, promising themselves never to do it again, when they do give in, subject themselves to feelings  of guilt and self-devaluation, which in turn weakens the resistance to  temptation.

Instead of focusing on the symptomatic behavior, it is almost always more helpful to focus on the needs which are not being met, which result in the frustration and tension leading to masturbation. Masturbation needs to be  given the well-deserved unimportant it merits in the growth of youngsters, and more time and energy devoted to other aspects of their social development. Developing values such as appreciating the worth of others, and nurturing a positive self-esteem are often more likely to be helpful than moralistic lectures and rigorous self-control mechanisms.

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