Ups and Downs of Family Life

Our lives are in a constant cycle of change. As we change so too do our relationships. Growth and change is never easy, in fact it can be quite stressful and painful. It involves upsetting the status quo which we may have worked hard to attain. As with much of human experience, developmental crises have certain things in common. While change is an inevitable aspect of human experience the crisis does not last forever. Resolution is inevitably achieved by either discovering a new steady state, perceiving the problem in a different way, or withdrawing, regressing and avoiding the problem, only to face it another day. A test of personal maturity is one’s ability to face up to the reality of life’s everyday difficulties and growth tasks. Inadequate people cope inadequately.

Even under most ideal circumstances, the family struggles to fulfil its goals, and cope with life’s hardships. Both predictable and unpredictable circumstances draw each family member through stages of growth resulting in the need for couples to develop coping skills adequate to the stress of a changing society, has resulted in the study of specific stressful aspects of family life. Each crisis demands effective negotiating skills and strengths of personality. When these are lacking, that which could enrich a relationship may kill it.

All marriages have ups and downs. Some of the down times can be avoided and  some not. No matter how much the couple love each other every change in one’s life demands that the couple assess their response.

Article by: Geoffrey O. Nevine

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