What are sexual attitudes when in marriage?

Sex is indeed the celebration of love to be enjoyed by both partners. A  sexually satisfied husband or wife is usually a contented partner. The preparation for sexual intercourse has to do with the quality of relationship that exists between couples. For instance, when a wife is  shown caring acts by her husband then for her it is a pleasure to co-operate actively in preparation for sex, mentally, emotionally and physically.

A couple’s intimate life is private and a very personal experience. No partner should betray the other by exposing their intimate secrets. Should this happen, then there will be a loss of trust and respect which will cause the marital commitment to deteriorate. It was God who created sex not only for procreation but for enjoyment. Thus the myth that sex is evil and dirty is all wrong. Sex is one of God’s greatest gift to married couples.

Sex is more than a physical act. It involves sharing yourself, and  accepting responsibility for the other’s well-being and not satisfying a selfish biological urge. Sexually, husband and wife respond differently.  Men are initially stimulated by visual factors and women with the mind and with endearing words.

It is a great myth that a wife should not initiate love-making. Many husbands love their husband wives to become more active in love-making and have found enjoyment to their mutual satisfaction. The sexual encounter is for the mutual enjoyment of both partners.

Therefore, it is only proper  that there be honest verbal communication for their mutual pleasure and joy. Questions relating to frequency of intercourse and variations of sexual positions and movements should be discussed.Guilty can prevent a partner from functioning normally in sexual intercourse. At times a partner  can become frigid or impotent. The cause for such guilt can be the result of deep seated hatred or anger and, most common, unfaithfulness to each other. Many who have suffered from guilt have found 1st John 1-9 helpful – “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive.”

Where there is no self-respect and trust there is no relationship. Such cases require urgent assistance to rebuild the relationship. One’s night  attire and surrounding do affect how one responds to the other sexually. Images are formed in the brain and the man is visually stimulated as soon as he sees his wife in clinging sexy nightgown, which is all the stimulation he will require to initiate love-making.

‘I love you’ should not be restricted to when one wants to have intercourse. Partners should find or make every opportunity to express in different ways their love for each other. Love is showing that you care  without using words. A rose taken to one’s wife after work tells her she is loved and appreciated. Try little kind acts to each other and see the difference it makes.

Article by: Geoffrey O. Nevine

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