What Makes a Child Happy?

Kids playingWhat does your child really want most of all? Some answer this question by saying, "My child wants good food, a safe place to sleep, some clothes, and playmates". These wants are important, and one may think they  make up all his needs, Strangely enough, this is not true!

There are other desires that are of great importance to his proper  development. It is not easy for the child to tell us of the other wants, for he may not himself quite understand what he needs. They are the wants of his mind, the deep-down desires that nobody sees or notices. If we as  parents know how to satisfy these wants, our children will be happy, will play better with their playmates, will study better in school, will work better in their gardens. What are these, hidden desires?

One is a feeling of satisfaction at having done something well. Our children want to feel accepted, to feel that we need them, that they have an indispensable place in the home. When we show our appreciation of what they do for us we satisfy this desire in their hearts. We are giving them what they want when we praise them for work well done. They feel that we  need them. Sometimes, they may not do the work just as we should like them to do it, but we still will make them feel that they are doing their best, and that we are pleased with their efforts.

A kid trying to get attention.Our children also want our attention from day to day. Many parents have never realized that some children behave naughtily and act rudely, only to gain attention either from their parents or from others around them. If you have a child with this kind of emotion, you will try for a time to ignore most of his misbehaviour. Make much of his success and ignore his failures. You are in this way giving him the attention he wants. Praise him when you are able to do so, and this will produce further efforts to please you. As the child gains more of your  attention, you will see his misbehaviour decrease.

Another way to satisfy this longing attention is to take a real interest in all of the child's activities. Listen to the stories he has to tell you, help him to build his lorry, go out and see the mud "castle" he has built.

Another need our child feels is happiness. We may give him this happiness by being a happy person, and making home a happy place. This is very valuable to making home a happy place. This is very valuable to him, for it will help him grow to be a better person. He will learn more quickly if he is happy, and his body will grow stronger and his mind healthier if he is happy.See video clip of a 2 years old kid having fun.

One way we can help our child to be happy is by being thankful for our own everyday blessings. As we walk out of our house in the morning we may say, "Isn't God good to give us such a beautiful day! Then we may help our children to feel kindly toward neighbours and friends. Also let us teach  our little ones songs of Jesus and His love. Sing them more often. That way  our children will be happy and love to worship Christ.

Article by: Geoffrey O. Nevine

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