Why Girls Believe Men Despite Their Cunning Nature

Heartbroken girl
From the time a girl shows an interest in boys, she begins to think about that special someone who will hold her tightly and profess the kind of love she has dreamed about. When this finally happens, she feels safe and protected and loved. The moment she has waited for has arrived. But hold it! At this point, she has now become the most vulnerable. In order to keep her man, she may likely fall for almost anything.

Most young women innately understand how to attract a fellow. They understand that their physical charms especially attract a man. And for most parts friends and society pressure them, push them, and chide them to get a boyfriend and get married. Every girl hopes she can entice a fellow far enough so that she can receive affection and have a dating relationship.

With this much established, let’s take a look at some basic reasons why the feminine gender gives in to the approaches made by men.

We Got Carried Away. Many girls need a little petting with their fellows in order to satisfy their need for emotional intimacy and closeness. They have, of course, been taught that sex belongs in marriage, but if they can be swept off their emotional feet, seduced, or overwhelmed by the emotion of the moment when there was no planning in advance for the event, it provides the excuse they need.

But getting carried away is no excuse at all. Each year more than one million teenage girls get pregnant, and millions of people contract a sexually transmitted disease (two-thirds of the persons under 24 years of age). Many of these girls got carried away, but no reason is big enough to wipe out the results that these girls suffered.

Inferiority Complex. Many studies indicate that inferiority complexes and sexual activity often go hand in hand. If a young woman feels terribly inadequate – that she isn't as attractive as other women, that she isn't accepted by others that she isn't a part of the “in” crowd—she’s on dangerous ground. In most cases, she would give anything for attention, affection, and friendship.

Those young people who have learned to appreciate in a healthy way their individual worth can more easily restrain their respects himself or herself the less he or she needs to use sex as a means to affect feelings of self-worth allow a person to be patient and discriminating while progressing towards long-range goals.

Broken Homes. Girls with divorced or separated parents are three times likely to be sexually permissive as young women from intact homes. These girls reflect the example and the teaching of their parents. One said: At the time of my first encounter with sex, my parents were going into a hard time and almost divorced. This made me insecure and made me do anything to please my partner because I wanted security since there was none at the time in my home.

Girls reared in foster homes or by those other than their parents often show unrestrained sexual aggression. Strong consciences are developed under affectionate parents who consistently teach positive values and encourage restraint. Young people from happy homes are much less likely to be sexually permissive.

Girls without a Father. Some girls overdo it—in the way they walk, the way they dress, the way they talk. Most likely such a person is starved for the male attention she never got at home. Her daddy was too busy, or maybe she never knew a real father because of divorce or desertion. So now she becomes a flirt. Studies of adolescent girls without fathers in the home have shown that teen girls behave differently around boys if they have not learned social skills from their fathers. In other words, girls learn to get along with boys by getting along with their fathers.

Girls whose parents had divorced were found to be a little too assertive in their interaction with boys. They were more seductive and sometimes promiscuous. The researchers concluded that this resulted from the tension these young ladies felt with the opposite sex. The tension produced action, so instead of relating easily and open to boys, the girls responded more impulsively.

Certainly, no one should blame a girl for such behavior when circumstances beyond her control have triggered it. But a young lady can learn where she is vulnerable and why she acts, talks, and behaves the way she does. FACT: Knowing yourself is more important than knowing more guys!
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