Why Your Child Maybe Unhappy at Home

Sad child sleeping

If mother and father quarrel a great deal, or are always finding fault with  their children, they cannot have real happiness in the home. When mother and father wish to speak about their differences, they should go into their room and close the door, and discuss the matter in quiet. Never let your children hear you quarrel or speak rudely to each other.

There are other causes that bring our children unhappiness in the. Continually scolding or spanking the child who wets the bed is foolish, since as a rule the child cannot help wetting the bed. This treatment makes  a deep impression to grow in the mind of the child, making him feel that  you do not love him. Thereby you are doing him great harm. If his mind is unhappy, it is sick. The child with a sick mind does not develop as he should.

Another important desire of our child is to feel secure. He wants to feel safe. Children may have many fears: fear of dark, lighting, and thunder, death and many other. Although most children outgrow these fears naturally, others, because of their timidity and sensitiveness, retain some fears after they grow up.

When we ourselves have a feeling of security because of the love and trust we have for God, then we will be able to impart this same feeling to our children. Instead of laughing at our child for fearing the dark, we may say to him: "I was afraid of the dark when i was a child, too, until my mother explained that God is with us in the darkness. You will get over that feeling, Son."

There may be a home where the parents go away leaving the children alone  for hours at a time, thinking that because the children have plenty of food  and a place to stay, they are quite all right. Children left alone may get into serious trouble, or on the other hand, they may become sad with a feeling of fear in their minds, thinking that their parents do not love them. Our children need much more than food, clothing, and shelter. It is our duty to give them happiness, that they may develop healthy minds and  bodies.

God assurance that He is with us in trouble and wishes to give us the peace He has for us, then we are giving to our child the very thing that his heart yearns for most, a feeling of safety and well-being in the hands of  the Almighty.
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