Will or Can Marriage Work in Today’s World?

Will or Can Marriage Work in Today’s World?
One can’t deny the truth: marriage is in trouble. According to statistics, well over half of marriages are doomed to end either in divorce or miserable unhappiness. Over one-third of the world, children live in divorced homes, and the proportion is rising.

It is used to be that the West gave the world (and Africa) an example of Christian marriage, strong and enduring. Now it seems that marriage all around the world is becoming like an old shirt that is tearing away at the seams. Even the threads are rotten.

Divorce cases are on the upswing. The daily newspaper is full of cases of family fights and even killings. Parents abandon young children because they cannot fend for them.

In short, plenty is amiss in marriage…. Lack of communication, financial misunderstanding, physical violence and lack of moral commitment were identified as the main reason for marriage breakdowns… And childlessness has led to the failure of many marriages since, in practically all the local communities, children are the ultimate harvest of a marriage.

Days are gone when a couple got married and assumed they would remain so until death parted them. Today the traditional family unit system is constantly under pressure. Old values have changed and the permanence of marriage can no longer be taken for granted… Marriage breakups are on the increase. What has gone wrong?

The general acceptance of divorce makes it much easier for couples to contemplate a marriage break-up. What a pity this disease is catching everywhere in the world today…

More and more people everywhere are deciding to end the miserable unhappiness they think they find in marriage. Over a million World households are now of unmarried kind.

Many have felt for a long time that Christian marriage is a lifestyle unsuited to many continents. Such a marriage is too difficult to break up legally, and there are too many possible problems that might arise to make such a break-up necessary; why take the risks?

Even the Evangelical churches are feeling the disaster of infidelity and divorce. The congregation is having to adjust to the leadership of divorced pastors. If the churches crumble, which is set for the defense of God’s law, what can happen to society at large?

What we’re seeing now is a time when in fact we will have fewer deep, stable relationship among people. The civilization that we’re moving into is one that cannot sustain two people in a bedroom all by themselves for 40 years. It’s impossible…in this new civilization.
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