World without Marriage

Have you tried to imagine a world without marriage or families?
Just married

We’d better take a good look at it, and know what we’re getting into before we end up with a nightmare we can’t get out of. A world without marriage is a world virtually without sexual responsibility or self-control. It is a world brazenly committed to a “me first” philosophy, the playboy variety of hedonism (a world that means living for selfish pleasure alone).

Such a world will be Sodom and Gomorrah all over again, says Billy Graham. Time magazine frankly admits that this “Western” brand of sexual hedonism “began in defiance of Christian law,… rebellion against God” Even those who promote the filth confess that they are appalled by it. Jacques Levy, a director of pornographic theatre, says:

I feel that the “sex explosion” and pornography are destructive to civilization. This is not the first that has happened. When a society gets to the point where it is eating its own entrails and its civilization is about to crumble, it immediately returns to the expression of sexuality as the only thing left to somehow titillate and excite. What we’re seeing now is a kind of decay and destructive of the Judeo-Christian society with its ethics and values.

Children growing up in such a world often do not know their fathers, and even their mothers are given to seeking their own selfish pleasure, too. In such a world of sexual irresponsibility, where free love and prostitution compete, the children are the inevitable losers. Psychiatric disorders abound where family fidelity is lacking. Charlie Manson was the offspring of a prostitute, and the world has heard of his bizarre murders. The world’s most notorious sex-murderers, Pedro Alfonso Lopez, with more than 300 murdered girls to his credit in Colombia, South America, was also the son of a prostitute, one of 13 children all with different fathers (Time, June 2, 1980). A world without the family will be worse than a barnyard world, for some animals have a tight family unit. Suicide has now become the second leading cause of death among young people in the West. WHY? Broken homes.
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