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The the trouble we have now is people have lost the sense of morality and think its cool to have multiple sexual partners... People need to realize the importance of being faithful.

Sensitization on HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases have advanced that people should be faithful to one partner. Fidelity should be a selfish know, in order to protect oneself from heartache and exposure to disease and most of all to put value to yourself. I always think, "If am not woman enough for you then we can't be together..." It's as simple as that relationships are meant for TWO not THREE not FOUR but TWO people! Cut the network and be in a relationship with only one person...and once you discover the other he's sleeping with another person even if you are using CONDOMS cut the network!

Am too young to die with so many plans to achieve. It should be God's will, not a persons. We need to understand that its better to be a single laughed at healthy woman than a well respected, depressed and sick woman. Its not God's plan for us to endure Infidelity because God is love.

Been faithful is the least thing to do to the one person you call my best friend, my love and everything, there is nothing that hurts more than been hurt by your partner. Every woman should adopt that if am not good enough for you then we can't be together.

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