Chinese Guys Are As Attractive As Other Men: Dating Websites Are Biased!

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Chinese Guys Are As Attractive As Other Men

As a Canadian in a tolerant family, my parents never spoke badly about other races - well, usually. My father was a world peace activist, who spoke at rallies urging less nuclear weapons, and my mother did have a few hot-headed opinions about French Roman Catholics and English Protestants in the province of Quebec, yet later on she mellowed with time.

As an Internet surfer, who has looked at a lot of Asian websites just for fun - about inter-racial relationships - I am struck by the amount of venomous garbage about Japanese vs. Chinese, white vs. black, white vs. Asian, and black vs. Asian - where men compete boasting about their own many prowess, and women chime in too, in a heated discussion that hashes over the same points.

Well, if I said, all men are the same, and should be judged as individuals, not as one big lump of competitive maleness - that would perhaps be too general, and misunderstood.

To be clear. Studies on Internet dating sites show that even Asian American women prefer white men, that black men and white women attract more greatly to one another, than Asian men to either white or black women. This comes from Racial Bias, and has nothing to do with Asian men, their looks, their intelligence, their personalities, or their moral characters. Let alone their Spiritual Development, which does influence some of us.

Writing about rampant racism throughout Asia - you who like this article may be surprised to see that I think Chinese men and women are racist towards both blacks and whites - SOME Chinese people are racist, hardly all of them.

As a Canadian, I don't think it is fair that children, born into a certain race, religion, culture, or country, should be judged by their very birth as to be perceived as secondary.

Enough said, this ugly bias persists all over the Internet, and varies on Chinese/Asian/American websites than on Chinese/Asian websites.

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