Kenyans shouldn't settle for counterfeit Leadership

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A couple of days ago, I was reading an article with the title “Quality of Leadership falling in Kenya” and in its first paragraph the Kenyan author strongly stated, “We should not settle for counterfeit leadership”.

I could not agree more with this statement .

I first visited Kenya back in 2012 and fell in love not only with the beauty of this land but also with its people. What surprised me the most was the strong willingness of people for personal development and growth! Everyone is constantly and naturally looking for opportunities to improve their lives. Even the poorest people I saw on the street have the intention to become more and it was hard to find someone who conformed to their situation.

I saw a smiling young man standing in a busy corner in Nairobi taking care of his business; it was really a very tiny table where he was offering two pineapples that he had shopped earlier and made 4 pieces out of each one. That was all. I saw him early in the morning and then later in the afternoon when he had nearly finished his product and was still smiling. I thought he could simply beg and live like that, but instead he decided to earn his living in an honest way. He seemed happier than many people in the UK, particularly when commuting to work early on a Monday morning.

Most Kenyans are very entrepreneurial, very ambitious and talented and all they need is the inspiration, support and guidance of authentic leaders; charity is really an insult to their potential and capabilities. In fact, I am convinced that only a few authentic Kenyan leaders can change the future of the rest of Kenyans for the better and since then I made it my purpose to contribute to the development of a new generation of authentic leaders not only in Kenya but in all over Africa.

That’s why, when I read that this journalist demanded that Kenyan do not settle for counterfeit leadership, I could only feel as joining forces to make the change needed to end this poor leadership and develop true leaders who have the ability to inspire confidence because they have a high purpose, virtue and a clear vision.

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