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1. "You never do things right"
This is unfair. Of course he has done many things right, that's why you chose to love him

2. "Why can't you be like so and so"
Never compare your man with other men or praise another man above him. That undermines him

3. "Your penis is ********"
Never make fun of his penis. The penis is the one organ men are conscious of. Making fun of his penis or mocking his performance is the fastest way to ruin things between you two

4. "You're so childish"
Of course he is not childish. Are you trying to say you committed to a child? If he does one wrong thing, address that one thing. Don't label him by it

5. "F*ck you"
Never insult the man you claim to love even in moments of anger. It shows disrespect and he will remember

6. "I made you who you are"
This just shows that any help you gave him was not done out of love but out of pride

7. "You lazy bustard"
Even if you find him less ambitious, calling him names won't help. Inspire him instead. Call out his greatness

8. "I want a divorce"
Beware of what this means. Some women say this as a threat. Once this words are spoken they cannot be taken back

9. "You good for nothing"
This is the easiest way to discourage him from putting up any effort

10. "I can get another man"
This is straight up rude and shows contempt. If you want to end things with him then do it. Don't stay with him yet throw low blows at him

11. "Beat me if you're man enough"
Do not provoke him. You don't like being angry, don't make him angry. It helps no one

12. "Leave me alone, it's none of your business"
Don't dismiss him out of your life. What is the point of being together if you don't want him involved?

By: © Dayan Masinde and Akello Oliech

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