Break ups are difficult, but they are often even more difficult to get over. And quite often people will jump back into the dating game before they are really over their ex.

Reality is… his body might not be available, but not his heart. There are signs to look for to help you make sure that you’re not just the rebound girl, which is rarely permanent. Here are some signs to look for that tell he is NOT really over his ex.

Couple • If they have been broken up for less than a month, he is not ready. Love takes time to get over. He’s probably still feeling the urge to go back to her. He was used to having her in his life, and it takes time to get used to not calling or running to her for any emotional or physical need.

• He mentions her a lot. That means she is still taking up space in his head and probably his heart as well.

• He’s not really stable emotionally. That doesn’t mean he’s a nut job. It means he is OK most of the time, but he is sad or way too quiet sometimes that seems uncharacteristic. He probably heard a song or saw something that reminded him of her and it made him sad. If that’s the case, he’s still not over her.

• They still talk, a lot. It’s one thing to still be friends, but it’s another to have to call her about every little thing, or worse, take phone calls from her while you are out together. Unless there is a kid involved and that’s what the conversation is about, their conversations should be few and far between.

• He’s bitter about the break up. She did this, she did that, she said this, etc. He’s not past it. He hasn’t even taken part of the blame. Guess what? He’ll do the same thing to you. Bottom line: if he can’t talk calmly about it, it still bothers him and that’s not healthy for you.

Just make sure that you don’t rush into anything and make sure he is all about you and not his ex.
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