Age and relationships: Should love be based on age?

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A young woman came into me today asking me how she can make her brother open his eyes so that he can stop dating a woman who was about 20 years older than him. In part she wrote, "The family is against this but he even sent some old shameful friends of his to go and start negotiating dowry for a 46 years old woman. The whole family thinks he's under a spell, how do I stop this marriage from happening?" I asked her how old her husband is...only to discover he's 13 years are senior. So I asked her if the brother had tried to stop them from getting together based on age.

Isn't it hypocritical that women marry older men while older women cannot do the same?

So I had a chat with one man who's about to marry a woman who is 11 years his senior and he told me this, "when I met Kutasha, I knew immediately she was older than me but I didn't know the disparity in our age difference until she told me. I didn't go looking for an older woman. I saw this wonderful "girl" who lightened the whole room and I fell for her. We dated for about a year and I am about to marry her and my family have learned to accept our relationship. She has two children from the previous marriage whom I have gotten to love and appreciate."

So I ask should love be based on age?

If that's the case then I think there's no love...because love does not choose. If you go to marry someone with a predetermined description of how he/she should be then how is that love?

Should love be decided on "age compatibility?"  I would love to hear your comment below...

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