Beauty Tips!!! Learnt a long -- long Time Ago


For long.... long... hair: Braid your hair before going to bed. Tie the end with a band & then a piece of ribbon on top. Make sure one end of the ribbon is a few inches linger than the end of your braided hair. Supposedly the hair will follow the ribbon! Maybe hair is just competitive & wants to win the race.

Soft & Smooth Lips: Put a drop pf mustard oil in your belly button before sleeping.
Shiny Nails: Rub the powder from The broken Brick on your nails using the sides of your palms. 

Col & other infection after bathing babies: Mustard oil with sliced garlic fried till golden brown & crispy in it. Mustard oil is warming & garlic has antibacterial properties, so the combination prevents babies from catching colds & other infection. So use this on babies after bathing them.
Lighten, Clean & Exfoliate Skin: You need natural & smooth Pumice stone which you find near the rivers & caves .
Irritated mood: Stretch yourself before your foot touches the ground.
Young Eyes: When you wake up from sleep, open your eyes in your hands. You must not look straight when your eyes are open; you must look into your hand. This will keep your eyes young for a long time.
Mental Strength: Sit down & stretch your legs straight, hold your toes in your hands & touch your knees with your nose. Anytime you feel tense, it shows how much your energy is off & you need to balance it. Do this 2-4 times a day.

Digestion: Whenever you eat you must sit on your heels for five to seven minutes afterwards It it is possible for you, in the evening , lie down flat on your back while sitting on your heels. If a women can do this posture in the evening, she will hardly ever get sick anytime. Between 5-7 minutes is must. For best results do it in the evening-the twilight zone when the sun is setting.

Hair Care: Take Oil & Yogurt mixed together & massage your hair. Then wrap it with thick cloth so you may not mess up your cloth. Stay that way for an hour or two. Then wash it off.
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