Frequent sex equals happy, attentive, and caring husband

Couple making love
“To a man, lovemaking is right up there with eating and breathing. Can he survive without it? Yes, but it’s not fun at all. Lovemaking is to the man what talking or communication is to the woman. If you asked a few wives if it would be okay if their husband didn’t listen or communicate with them for weeks at a time...well, you get the idea. Frequent sex equals a happy, attentive, listening, cuddling, and caring, man or husband. Surely, is that too hard to understand?” he asked. “It is not,” chipped in Mark.

In fact any woman worth the smell of her expensive perfume should know that he doesn’t always want to be the one asking.

“Most husbands are fine with being the ‘sexual aggressor’ most of the time, but if he is always the one that is trying to start something, he starts to feel like you just ‘put up with him’, and don’t really care about sex,” Mark opined.

According to hi,m every husband’s fantasy is to be sitting on the couch, watching TV or whatever, and have his wife come over out of nowhere (obviously the kids aren’t around), straddle him, and start going at it. He wants to know that his wife desires him sexually, not just puts up with him sexually. This is a huge boost to his self-esteem and overall confidence.
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