Women gossiping

1. Lady, perhaps your husband no longer loves to kiss you and touch you because you are constantly so negative. Try being sweet, loving and warm and he will love your lips and love to touch you

2. Gentleman, perhaps your wife no longer loves to make love to you because your tongue often says things that hurt her and make her feel less beautiful. Try complimenting her and telling her nice and respectful things and she be so sexually attracted to you

3. Lady, perhaps your husband no longer confides in you because your tongue loves to go outside your home and tell your family and friends the private issues between you two. Try being discreet and you will gain your husband's trust

4. Gentleman, perhaps your wife no longer confides in you because when she does, you tell her how petty her issues are and you speak to her in a condescending way. Try listening to her and making her feel understood and she will feel safe to talk to you

5. Lady, perhaps your husband no longer spends much time with you and he comes home late because your tongue is harsh, nags, criticizes and attacks him. Try being his peace, speaking gently and being a source of joy and laughter and he will love to be around you

6. Gentleman, perhaps your lady no longer says affectionate words and names to you because your tongue stopped telling her affectionate words and names. Try going back to speaking love to her and she will be inspired to speak love to you. Women respond well to love

7. Lady, perhaps your husband doesn't share with you his issues, struggles, fears, and failures because your tongue keeps using his secrets as ammunition to fight him. Try to cover him and control your tongue and you will see how much he will open up to you

8. Gentleman, perhaps your wife doesn't ask you for help because after you help her, your tongue keeps telling her that she is nothing without you. Try to encourage her with assuring words that say you are there for her and you two will grow well together

9. Lady, perhaps the reason why your prayers for your husband and family are not effective is because your tongue prays but after praying goes back to gossiping your husband, saying how your husband and children will never change and canceling your own prayers with spite. Try speaking life into your husband and home and your home will blossom

10. Gentleman, perhaps the reason why your prayers are being hindered is because your tongue mistreats your wife. Try being thoughtful and kind towards your wife and God in heaven will be pleased

© Dayan Masinde and Akello Oliech
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