The two were out on a holiday trip with their three children.

The two, husband and wife sat next to a bonfire as the children were taking photos and selfies.

"Mommy, mommy. Look at this selfie we've taken" their last born came running to the two.

The wife looked at the selfie and smiled saying, "Wow! It looks beautiful"

"Let me see" the husband said.

Husband and wife looked at the selfie.

"Mmmh, I love it!" Said the husband.

"Let me take a photo of you two" said the child.

The child took a photo of the husband and wife.

"Look. Wow! You two are such a cute couple. I need to show this" said the child running to the other children.

"Let us see. We haven't even seen the photo" said the wife.

"I'm coming mom" shouted the child, still running to the siblings.

The husband and wife looked at the running child laughing.

"They've grown so fast" said the husband.

"The year has gone so fast" said the wife looking at the husband.

"2016. It's coming to an end" the husband said rubbing his wife on her back.

"You've added value in my 2016" the wife said.

"Have I?" Asked the husband.

The wife kissed the husband and said, "Oh yes. You've made me more prayerful, I have grown out of you challenging me, you pushed me to pursue my vision, this year you helped me register the business I have been procrastinating about for years, you became my gym partner and helped me keep fit. This year, even with it's challenges has been amazing. Thank you for living it with me"

"Wow! We have done a lot. Thank you for also adding value to my 2016. This year you inspired me to dream again, you were my rock when my business wasn't doing well, you corrected me when I went astray, you stood by me when I had so much pressure, you brought favor into my life - each time I engaged you in an activity it was successful, you challenged me to do an online course, you patiently put up with the distance when I had to work away for three months, you exposed me to a life of travel. I used to be so closed up. Because of you, we are here. I didn't know such a beautiful place like this existed. Thank you for planning this family holiday" said the husband.

The bon fire illuminated their faces with warmth.

"I love you" said the wife.

"I love you too Darling" said the husband.

The two kissed.

Their last born child returned and took a photo of the two kissing.

"Uuh! I have taken a photo of you kissing" said the child.

"Let us see" said the wife.

The child ran back to the other children.

"So naughty" said the wife.

The wife and husband laughed. He held her close.

"2017 here we come. Another year to love you" said the husband.

She kissed him and said, "2017 will be our year"

Story by: © Dayan Masinde and Akello Oliech
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