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"I want to be pregnant" Marinda told her friend Atemi.

The friend laughed saying, "I guess first you must find a husband"

"A husband? No, what for? I don't believe in love any more" Marinda said.

"I am at the coffee house" said Atemi, hanging up a phone call.

"You're not even listening!" Marinda complained.

"Sorry, I was talking to my brother. Where were we? Did I hear you correct? You don't want a husband?" asked Atemi.

"Yes, I don't need a husband. I am financially stable. I don't believe in love but I want a child. I will get a man with some good genes, sleep with him, get pregnant and leave him"

Atemi laughed and questioned "So you deliberately want to be a single mother? What if the child asks who the father is? You will say you just sexed a good genes man?"

Marinda smiled confidently, "I'll think of a lie. I'll tell the child the dad ran away. The man will keep off. I won't tell him I have his baby. Being a single mum is easy, you have done it"

Atemi shook her head in disappointment, "I am a single mother because the man chose to leave. The man abandoned me and the child and I found ourselves in this situation. It is one thing for a child to be rejected by the dad, it is worse when the mother plans to separate the two. It is cruel to rob off your child half of the source of existence"

Atemi looked at Marinda and said, "A child needs both parents. Yes, I have managed to raise the child alone. But I wish I had someone to do this with, someone to tell about our child, someone to worry with me, someone to share the joy of raising our baby. I put a smile on my face but at times I have cried. It can be tough and I am not just talking financially. I have wondered how it feels to see my child love a man that's mine, to have a male voice in my child's life, a partner. I can't tell my friends about parenthood. I can't tell you every exciting thing about my child. Those are things I should be telling to my child's father, who is not present and you want to give your child that?"


Atemi continued, "My child asks me who the father is. It is a tough question for every single mother. Truth is, children need their fathers. Single mothers can raise children and single fathers too, but the truth is, a child needs both parents. My child longs for a father, to see mom in love. Once, my child thought that my brother is the father"

Atemi's brother walked in with a child in hand.

"Hi sis, sorry I am late" he said as the child kissed Atemi.

"Hello Marinda! long time" the brother greeted her as Atemi kissed her child.

Atemi told him, "Bro, Marinda here wants you to sex her, make her pregnant, then you won't be in her life and she'll raise the child alone"

Marinda interjected "No, no! I didn't say that"

Atemi spoke further "So bro, when will you have sex with her?"

The brother looked at Marinda and said, "No, I can never abandon a child I bring into this world. If I will have a baby with a woman, I will be in that baby's life"

Atemi smiled saying "Marinda, you see. There are good men in this life, my bro is one. Maybe you are the one who is giving up too easily just because you're scared your eggs are aging. You are still young, open your eyes; good men surround you, don't be fooled by a few wrong men. Find a good man who will give you what I miss and lack; a man to be a parent with. Love is a beautiful thing"

Story by: © Dayan Masinde and Akello Oliech

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