Motherhood is priceless

Pregnant mother

This is what mothers go through.
  • pains. 
  • stretch mark. 
  • shapeless body. 
  • flappy tummy
Some of them use concealers to hide it.
Some use push up bra to feel sexy but when they get into the bathroom, naked and see the real body , it reminds them that they have produced a creature, a human being.

Please women learn to love yourself. Love your body. Motherhood is a beautiful thing. I pray that those trying for a child will get pregnant.

Men , learn to love your wives. What women go through isn't easy. They don't need you to misbehave,cheat,beat them ,deny them their right. All they want is love , transparency, care and support.

Some don't care if she has eaten . Some even abandon her to cater for the baby. Some spend more on their girlfriend forgetting they have a nursing wife at home. On judgement day , I wonder the excuse you will give God for maltreating your wife.

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