The Grace of God: How do you forget?

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The same qualifications you have, diploma, degree, masters, that which gave you that job you have are the same qualifications that your friends have too , but they don't have the job you have. How do you forget?

The same pastor who officiated your marriage and blessed it, today you have even children is the same pastor who officiated and blessed even your friend's marriages but they don't have children and eventually divorced . How do you forget?
The same prayer you offered to God and God answered you is the same prayer that your friends have been praying, but up to now they haven't received any answer and still praying , how do you forget?
The same road you use to travel to places and safely you reach home, is the same road that many people have died on, how do you forget?

The same church you go to worship God to and God has blessed you, is the same church that your friend goes to worship God too, but up to now his life is still miserable, how do you forget?
The same bed you used in the hospital and you got healed is the same bed that your friends used too but they died in there ,how do you forget?
The same voice you have and you can sing songs, you can preach, you can talk and so on, is the same voice that your friends also had but eventually stopped singing,preaching because they had cancer of throat, how do you forget?
The same rain that made your field to produce good crops and you had bumper harvest is the same rain that destroyed your friend's fields, how do you forget?

How do you forget, how do you forget?

Come back to your God and thank Him for his kindness.

Whatever you have is not by your power, nor your intelligence, nor your qualifications but the Grace of God. Because what made you where you are and what you have today, your friends have them too, but they are still suffering.

Remember the Giver of everything you have, don't just foolishly boast because He can take them away if He so wishes!

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