Husband and wife

1. "The sexual intimacy"
This is not when two people have sex. No! This is when two people who are in love make love. Sex is easy to get, but love making involves the heart

2. "The deep conversation intimacy"
This is when you two really talk and this usually requires length. So the more you two spend time together to talk, the higher the level of intimacy. Intimacy requires the sharing of personal and exclusive information. To love is to talk

3. "The emotional intimacy"
This is when you lay it all bear. Your spouse/partner gets to see your fears, your moods, your tears. You two get to reveal your thoughts and become vulnerable. Your true feelings show in real time and your spouse/partner is not ashamed, scared or insensitive to deal with them

4. "The sensual intimacy"
This involves the sense of touch. It's when you two cuddle, rub and stroke each other. It's the making out, the kissing, the rubbing and holding of hand, the playing with fingers, the massaging, the skin to skin moments

5. "The spiritual intimacy"
This is when you both are man and woman after God's own heart. When you two pursue God as a couple, you fellowship together, pray together, read God's word together, rebuke and mould each other

6. "The worship intimacy"
This is when you two worship. You lock yourselves from the world and simply meet in intimacy in the presence of God

7. "The nude intimacy"
This is when you two are naked and unashamed. When he sees all those things about her body she is self conscious about and reminds her she is beautiful. When she looks at the size of his penis big or small and still finds him man enough. When you two know each other's body in and out

8. "The -this is me- intimacy"
This is when your weaknesses, flaws, failures come out in the open between you two and your spouse/partner loves you still, in fact, loves you even more. This is when the limit of your humanity is demonstrated and your spouse/partner still chooses you and covers you

9. "The -in the midst of storms- intimacy"
This is when life gets tough and your spouse/partner is present. So many people in a relationship/marriage go through trying times alone. But intimacy is when you can count on each other to be there through thick and thin

10. "The- in good times- intimacy"
This is when you share the good moments together. You look back at the amazing moments in your life and see him/her there. This is when good things happen and the first person to call is your partner/spouse

11. "The weird intimacy"
This is when you two are so comfortable with each other that you don't mind being yourselves around each other. When you can show each other the cavity in your teeth, tell each other that dress doesn't look good. When you can fart and have a laugh about it. When you can pee as you talk loudly from the toilet, when you know each other's quirky habits and accept them

12. The aging intimacy"
This is when you are not ashamed of seeing each other's wrinkles, white hair, aging skin and balding head. When you age in love

© Dayan Masinde and Akello Oliech
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