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What we’re doing is wrong
We cannot continue like this
Let us be real
Things need to change

You talk, I talk
Who listens?
I shout, you yell
Unnecessary noise

Why are we giving each other headaches?
Things can be so easy
Why are we being difficult?
Didn’t we choose to walk together?

This is our last conversation this way
We’ll no longer act like opponents
We are supposed to be a team
From now on, we dialogue

We will be civil, mature
I will hear you out, you will me
Find a common ground
Live with our differences

I need you in my life
When one of us hurts
We both are losers
We share the same fate

If we harbor divisions
This home will fall apart
But where there is unity
The Lord commands His blessings

Poem by: © Dayan Masinde and Akello Oliech

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