My wife loves soap operas
No, she doesn't watch them for love advice
She watches them as a form of entertainment
And I occasionally watch them with her

Yes, I watch soap operas with her
You might think it's unmanly to watch such
I used to think the same
Until I learnt how love works

Love is not selfish
Love is not doing only things that you love
It is also doing things with your spouse that your spouse loves
Love is joining your spouse in what makes your spouse happy

Couples need to do things as a couple
My wife shouldn't have thoughts of
"If only I have someone to enjoy this with"
I am that someone to her, and she is that someone to me

So because my wife loves to watch soap operas
I will watch them with her as we cuddle
It helps me understand her more
As we get to do yet one more thing together

Because my wife loves salsa dancing
I join her in the salsa class so that I be her partner
Dancing isn't my thing but if it makes her happy
I will bust a move on the dance floor

Because my wife loves to play the piano
I will learn a bit about music
So that I enjoy her passion for the black and white keys
I will listen to the tunes she plays as her biggest fan

Because my wife loves picnics
I take her and the kids for picnics
It makes her happy
And when my wife is happy, I am happy

The same applies in reverse
Because I love football, my wife makes an effort
She would go with me to the stadium to watch a match
Or cheer with me as we watch Chelsea win

Because I love road trips
My wife agrees to go for them with me
Who else should I go with if not her?
She makes the road trips adventurous

Because I love history
My wife would brush up her knowledge on it
And get excited when I talk with passion
She says my eyes get brighter when I talk about governance

Because I love art
She accompanies me to exhibitions
She will be there by my side as I marvel at masterpieces
She takes photos with me

We do the same with other children
My wife and I are not big cartoon fans
But because of our children
We know about Dora, SpongeBob, Frozen and Shrek

I am a good chess player because my son loves chess
I know a bit about civil rights because our daughter is passionate about justice
I know a thing or two about space because our other son loves such
Love seeks a common ground to enjoy together

Love shares
Love is present
Love sacrifices
Love cares about what you care about

© Dayan Masinde and Akello Oliech
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