Ways in which Silent treatment ruins a relationship

Couple chatting

  1. When you are angry you focus on showing that you have been wronged than solving the issue.
  2. Silent treatment makes you inaccessible and out of reach by your partner .The other partner is unable to know what exactly they did wrong and how to fix it.
  3. The longer the silent treatment the longer you normalize distance and the two drift apart. This makes the couple strangers to each other.
  4. It will cause behavior change as the victim tries to fit in the treatment. This change may end up being permanent and ruin the relationship. It may be staying out late to delay encountering the silent partner.
  5. It works only ones or twice after which the victim is used and has gotten coping behavior.
  6. Silent treatment is an emotional abuse that has a lot of negative impact on the emotional well being of the couple and the relationship.
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