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Love birds

It was a fresh Friday morning. Two naked adults were still in bed making love. Orgasm.

The two laid on the bed catching their breath. Sweet climax.

"Mmmh, what a quickie that was" he said.

She smiled and stroked his chest.

The two are married. Husband and wife.

"Where are we heading?" She asked.

He looked at her. The sun slightly illuminating the room.

"Aiii. What kind of a question is that? Those are words for the unmarried. I remember you asked me that when we were dating. You were wondering why we had dated for five years without me marrying you. Well, I did marry you, I gave you a wedding so I don't understand where this question is coming from" he said.

She looked at him, "You're making it seem like I was the only one who wanted us to advance into marriage. I thought marriage was both our idea. I hate it how society and many men make it look like marriage is a woman's thing. How do we expect men to be the head of the marriage, if men don't own up the idea of marriage?"

"Hey, don't doubt my headship of our family" he cautioned.

"Look, we are arguing and I was just trying to have a conversation. Honey, leadership doesn't end once we get married, in fact, it intensifies in marriage. The question of where are we heading is one that a couple needs to ask and answer themselves throughout their lifetime. I am asking what is the vision for our marriage? Where are we heading? What is our purpose? Where do we seek to be five years from now? Are we building a house or buying one? What schools do we intend to take our children in? What will we deliberately expose our children to in order to shape their future? Where will we devote much of our time? What will we invest in? Where do we see ourselves some years down the line? What are our values? We shouldn't just be married, our marriage should have a vision. Let's not just exist, let's direct our path. Corporate companies don't just go by year after year, they have a plan and a vision and that's why they succeed. Our marriage is more important than a corporate company. And I am not asking you to do it alone, let's come up with a vision together" she said.

He kissed her. He passionately kissed her. He came on top of her and kissed inches of her skin. All over.

"You are such a great wife. I am truly blessed to have you in my life Darling. You are right. Even the Bible says without a vision people perish. Our marriage will not perish" he told her.

He kissed her neck.


He kissed her chest.


He kissed her navel.


He kissed her inner thighs.

"Come up..."

He kissed her knees.

"With a vision..."

He kissed her lips.


He got up. Turned on the lights. Grabbed his laptop and together they came up with a vision for their marriage and family. He typed up the document. They called it, "OUR LOVE BLUE PRINT".

Later that day, he had the document printed and bound. They have been following that blue print and their marriage has been much stronger, more fulfilling and progressive.

When a marriage has a vision, it encourages faithfulness, loyalty, teamwork, effort, enthusiasm, focus and the two in it give more. Adults love clarity and direction.

Does your marriage have a vision? It's not too late to give your marriage direction.

Source: © Dayan Masinde and Akello Oliech
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