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Women have an innate craving to be appreciated, to hear sweet words, to hear positive words and to be thanked. You can easily make your lady feel like a queen through some simple appreciation for things she does right, words like, “Thank you darling, thank you my dear,…” etc after she does something nice to you echoes to the deepest point of a woman’s heart, it makes her feel sweeter, younger, lovelier, nicer and more romantic. That simple smile she will give you after a sweet simple appreciation goes a long way to enhance and deepen her love for you, she will desire to do more to you, to serve you more, to treat you more like a king, to welcome you home with a smile, to present herself like a gift to you, to cook more for you your favorite meals, etc.

Men, always show appreciation to your wife through simple words, simple actions e.g. a hug after she does something right, a simple gift even her favorite dress or a special treat of an outing to go swimming together, to walk together along the beach, etc. The more she feels romantic, the more receptive she becomes to you, the more she falls in love with you, the more younger she feels and she will live even longer; all for the simple things of life.

Most men think that most women only need huge things to feel appreciated; gold diggers do not need love, all they want is material benefits from men, but real women want to feel loved. And guess what, so many ladies you see out there are ladies of substance waiting for some nice sweet loving from a man.

Men, from today, start appreciating your ladies, and behold how sweet they will become and how this world will be a better place for us to live.

By Anthony Kiarie Kerry

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