Yes Girl let him go. You can do it girl, Yes let him go

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You are worth more than a 2 a.m call, you are worth more than just casual sex. You are worth more than a man who can't make his mind up. So yes girl let him go...

He only calls late at night to come over and empty his sack in you. He says let's keep it a secret because am a private person. You've never been out on a date or even met his friends let alone family. So many of y'all ladies are just late night sex, why? Because you think you can change him.

It's the end of the year, put your foot down, cry if you have to, look yourself in the mirror and say to yourself you deserve much more than this.

Your mama didn't carry you for 9 months and go through labor pains for this. Jesus didn't come and die on the cross for you to be treated like this.

Girl pull those panties up, slam that door shut and wipe your tears, revise and revive in a new way. But first of all LET HIM GO

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