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1. Though I am getting a year older, I will work on being sexy for my spouse

2. I will learn to listen to my spouse more than I talk

3. I will cut off friendships that don't add value to my relationship/ marriage and things that keep me from being a better me

4. I will draw closer to God, for only then will I be able to love my spouse better

5. I will occasionally take my wife out on dates like I used to before we got married

6. I will praise my husband the same way I used to when I was learning him afresh before marriage

7. Together we will have a movie night where we watch something as a couple or family at least once a month

8. We will not carry the drama of last year into the new year. We choose forgiveness

9. I will ask my partner what are his/her individual goals for the year so that I keep him/her in check and accountable and he/she does the same for me

10. Since we are starting the new year with prayers, we shall live through the year praying. We shall be more prayerful

11. We will have joint goals for the year to accomplish

12. We will kiss more

13. We will write down a list of reasons why we love each other during the first week of the new year, and any time problems come between us in the year, we will remind ourselves why we are together by referring to the list

14. I will work on ending my bad habits that annoy my partner

15. We will be more spontaneous and adventurous this year. We have to do at least one crazy thing to remember the new year by when it ends

16. As a couple, we shall find one cause in society to pursue. We shall identify a need in society and attend to it, or we will identify a children's home to support or one child in need to sponsor and invest in. Our love as two should be not just a blessing to us, but to someone else, to others

17. We will work on living healthy, we will take care of our bodies, eat right and be physically active

18. Though we are getting busier with age, we will make time for us as a couple; time in which our children, work or responsibilities are not allowed

19. By the time this new year ends, our love should have grown stronger, we will have many testimonies to tell, we will look back and see the fruits of our love

20. No prolonging arguments and fights. Disputes have to be resolved quickly. No ending the day mad at each other

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