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Real men talk about 6 figures while small boys brag about 6 packs. Vision and television are never the same. It doesn't matter how tall you are, your height is irrelevant if you are horrible at heart. Action expresses priorities, love is not just a word of mouth. It takes more than love alone to build a home.

True love won't pay your monthly rent while bright future won't pay for electricity. Wise women don't fall for just looks and swags. They focus more on what drives a man rather than what he drive. You don't need all the money in the world to marry a woman who is faithfully in love. But when a man becomes irresponsible and doesn't provide for his family needs, any woman may remove respect from love and the man becomes ordinary with no regards. Of course, true love stands the test of time, but it's good to GET A LIFE BEFORE GETTING A WIFE. 

There is a limit to how much a woman can endure pain in the name of love. Never abandon a good man for a stupid reason, a jobless man, and a lazy man is never the same. He may not have today doesn't mean he will be lacking forever.

Always remember; Money alone doesn't make a home. No matter how much money you give a woman, if she has to beg or fight for your attention, it's never enough. Never stop dating her even after getting married to her. Never stop doing those things you did to win her heart. Give a woman the best treatment she has never received in her entire life and nothing will make her leave you, and if she mistakenly or ignorantly leaves you, she will live to regret losing a great man like you for the rest of her life, but before calling her a gold digger, make sure you have at least a pot of gold.

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