This is the key to any man's heart ladies!

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Key Tips to Get Any Man's Attention

Women can be so needy!

In general, women tend to always want attention from their man. We want time spent on us by receiving all the 'I love you's and the pampering. But we also want time spent with us; All the time.

At times we can seem selfish and uncomprehending. Most of the times a man won't understand why his woman is so needy, always asking for attention. We women sometimes just don't get it! Sometimes it just doesn't click! And we become that nagging woman. NO ONE wants a nagging woman! This is the number one reason he may be avoiding you. Nagging is a complete turn off for men.

I decided to do something a bit different. I decided to "cater to my man". I made more of an effort to give my darling husband all of my attention. Because what happens is sometimes we focus only on what we want and we don't look around us to what he wants or needs to be done. So I decided to give my husband the up-most attention this month. I made his favorite foods, I ironed ALL his clothes for him to be able to pick from. I always had the house clean and organized so that when he came home the house was a cozy spot "Home sweet home" Everything right down to the dog! I would dress him all up and brush him and make him look all cute for when my husband came home.

I went out my way this month to show my husband how much I cared. And in return, he automatically gave me his attention and care. This is the key to your man's heart ladies!

Cater for your man! and in return, he'll cater to you!

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