Learn to understand women, especially when she's on her period!

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Woman on her periods

Know when to leave your girl alone, and what to do in that time of the month for your girlfriend or wife.

Most women are sweet, loving, caring, tough, hard working and more. But there is always going to be one week out of 4 that you need to know when to leave your girl alone. You need to know exactly what to do and how to react to avoid arguments or her mood changes.

A women's Menstrual cycle, also know as period is a phase in a women's life that causes a change in the female reproductive system. Her hormones are all over the place. While this change occurs, to most women, it causes agonizing pains, stomach cramps and so much more. Although men will never be able to understand the pain a woman goes through on her period, you can still be understanding about it and try to put yourself in her shoes. Annoying enough, some men tend to think their girlfriend/wife is a bit exaggerative or is calling for attention when she is referring to her stomach cramps. Although, each woman is different and the symptoms may vary for each woman.

Here is a list of what your woman goes through on that time of the month. Maybe this will help you put yourself in her shoes:
(some woman may just feel annoying cramps and slight pain, whilst most woman feel excruciating, paralyzing stomach punches)
(Some women throw up, whilst others have a change in appetite)
(Some women feel sore ALL over, whilst others feel sore in certain areas)
(At this time of the month, women are loosing blood, and lots of it. Think of it as when you have to give blood. If you loose too much blood you feel faint or even have to be asked to lay down for a bit)
(A woman's body is going through changes. Breast tenderness is the most common pain felt by women in this time of the month)

These are just a few common things women go through on their period. Most woman go through this same thing every day for about a week. If you put yourself in a woman's shoes, you'll understand why she gets so cranky, mad, annoyed, exhausted, tired, and sometimes down. The first day of her period is always the worst. While all this is going on, it's really hard to grab a hold of yourself. It's possible, but extremely hard. That's why you men can help.

Things to do for the woman in your life while she's on her period:
(Although chocolate is not the best thing to eat while a woman is on her period, caffeine causes more cramps. But no woman wants to hear that....Give her, her chocolate)
(Just get it for her! And don't even think about reminding her to watch the calories)
(I know you can't be there at work with her, or you can't be with her the whole time. But do as much as you can to take the load of her shoulders. You aren't the one with pain and feeling lousy, she is. Do things like, wash the dishes, carry heavy things for her, see what you can help her with, even if it is a part of her job)
(Don't be insensitive. Buy Lunch/ Dinner for you and her. That way she doesn't have to cook while she's feeling lousy. If you know how to cook, then now is the time to get in the kitchen. Remember, get something that she feels like eating. Her appetite may be a bit off)
(Encourage her to leave work and go straight home, make sure she has everything she needs to just slouch around on the couch. Watching her favorite TV shows and eating her chocolates and ice-cream)
(Yes, she may need pads. Sometimes you will need to run a stop to the store and get her some. Don't worry, most men have to end up buying pads for their girl at least once)
(If she's in too much pain, give her some Motrin or Advil. Most women will deny the pills because she thinks she can take the pain. But try to convince her to take one or two)
(Her hormones are all over the place. A hug now and then means a whole lot. A kiss says a lot. Cuddling up couldn't feel better then it would at this time)
(Don't be too needy, she can use some time alone. That helps her understand herself and de-stress. That way she won't blow off on every one that crosses her path)

Get to know your woman, even if you still dating. Find out what you can do to help her. I advise you to find these things out before her period comes, so when it comes (Which it will, every month for years and years, so get use to it) you'll know exactly what to do and how to handle it.

Or even if you don't have a girlfriend yet. Now you know how to tell when a woman is on her period and what she is going through, so just help her out or leave her alone.

Women, I advise you to send this post to your man. That way he can learn what you need and when you need it.

Men, let me know if this was helpful to you! Ladies, let me know if I'm missing anything!

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